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My First Journal

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 10:17 PM
Look, I wrote a journal!
Just doing my own stuff.


Can't fix it? Use Alchemy!
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Professor Frankin Stein: Soul Eater:
"My motive is extremely simple. Observe and experiment, thats all. Thats what I live for, Everything in the world is my test subject. Of course that includes me."

Black Star: Soul Eater:
"To someone like me, there's no such thing as too reckless!! AHAHAHA!!!"

Urahara: Bleach:
"That wasn't very nice. I do believe you've killed my hat."
(fighting against Ichigo)

Urahara: Bleach:
“Noooo, there’s no way I, a mere handsome and sexy shopkeeper, could possibly have bankai!”

Ukitake: Bleach:
"Ukitake - Remember this well. There are two types of fights. As we have put our lives in battle, we must be able to distinguish between the two.
The fight to protect life, and the fight to protect pride."

H/Ichigo: Bleach:
"Hichigo: Ichigo..whats the difference between a king and his horse?
Ichigo: What the hell are you saying
Hichigo: Im not talking about obvious kiddy stuff like ones and animal and ones a person or one has two legs and one has four..FORM, ABILITY AND POWER, thats whats puzzling, if there form, ability and power are exactly the same why is it that one becomes the king and leads them into battle while the other becomes the horse and carrys the king. So whats the characteristic that distinguishes these two beings? Theres only one answer....INSTINCT! In order for identical beings to get stronger and gain power they need to develope a killer instinct and that instinct is mostly forged in battle, they must develop an insatiable hunger to engage in battle, they must live to mercilessly CRUSH, SHRED AND SLICE there enemies. This thirst for power is not an unnatural desire, in fact is forms the very essence of our being, deep within our body lies the honed instinct to DOMINATE and SLAUGHTER our enemies. My friend you don't have that, you use your brain to try and win a fight, you attempt to defeat your enemies with reason and logic, you don't tap into those pure based instincts that exist within your core waiting to be released and the simple matter is it doesn't work, you're WEAK...ICHIGO! -throws sword- I won't put up with that,am I clear? I don't know about Zangetsu but I refuse to play horse to a king whos weaker then me, someone whos uncertainty and hesitation will end up getting us both cut to ribbons, if you aren't willing to assert your strength and retain the crown then I will destroy you, which means.....I'll Be King"

Urahara: Bleach:
"When you’re dodging you’re afraid of getting hit, when you’re attacking you’re afraid of hitting me and when you’re protecting someone you’re afraid of them dying. Your sword is filled with fear!
If you dodge, I won’t let them cut me
If you protect someone, I won’t let them die,
If you attack, I’ll cut them”

Shiba Kaien: Bleach:
"Every time you and I connect with each other a little bit of heart is born between us. Heart isn’t something inside you. But whenever you think, whenever you remember someone, that’s when heart is born. If you were the only one alive in the whole world, your heart wouldn’t exist, now would it? There’s no reason to worry. If you truly want to be here from the bottom of your heart, the your heart is definitely here. And if your heart is here, then… that’s “the reason for you to be here.” And… one last thing. Whenever you fight from this point on, there is one thing that you must never do. Don’t die Alone! Our bodies are our spirits too so when we die, our bodies will disintegrate and become part of the reishi that form Soul Society. And when that time comes, where will your heart go? You entrust your heart to your nakama. If you entrust it to your nakama, then your heart… will live on within them. Kuchiki, that’s why… you must never, ever, ever… DIE ALONE"
(talk between Shiba and Rukia)

Edward/Alfons: Elric Full Metal Alchemist:
"Al: So what's your strategy?
Ed: I told you, a fist in his face!"
(fight against Mustang)

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell: FMA:
"Winry: You didn't drink your milk, Edward
Ed: You drink it, I hate milk it's like drinking vomit
Ed: A bean?!
Winry: Yeah, a bean"

Edward/Al Elric: FMA:
“If I died the world would continue to move along as if nothing had happened.
Because you’re just a small part of it.
When the small part in this case me, dies, the body remains.
Water, Carbon, Ammonia, Lime, Phosphorous, Salt, Saltpeter, Sulfur, Magnesium, Fluorine, Iron, and Aluminum right?
Right. The body’s only a combination of those simple elements. Nothing more. We’re destined to be decomposed by bacteria, and become nutrients for plants, then you follow the process further, those plants nourish herbivores.
“And those herbivores nourish carnivores. Even others like us. And even though we lose awareness our lives keep on moving through the system.
“The great flow that maintains the universe, call it the cycle of life, the course of nature each one of us is just a small part of that part. One in the all. Yet without all the individual ones, the all can’t exist. This world flows by following grander laws that we can’t even imagine. To recognize that flow, to work in it. To decompose, and recreate, that is alchemy”

Mustang and Kain Fuery: FMA:
Roy Mustang: "(snatches puppy from Kain Fuery's arms) Dog, huh? (pause) I LOVE DOGS!
Kain Fuery: Really? You mean it?!
Roy Mustang: OF COURSE! Dogs embody loyalty! They follow their master's commands above all else! Be a jerk to them and they don't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck! Trust me, Fuery, they're the great servants of man! (sings) LOYAL CANINE, HOW WE SALUTE THEE!"

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Your journal made me lol c:
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let me guess, it was the quote from Urahara...when Ichigo killed his hat. :]
SprolaGirl Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Yes c:
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